Thick & Thin厚与薄
Bart the Shark大鲨鱼
Diggety Dog挖坑的狗
Horse UP a tree马上了树
Mole & the New Hole摩尔和新洞
Hansel & Gretal汉萨尔和格里塔
How to Grow a Beanstalk怎样种豆角
Gem — POLISH DICTIONARY [First edition]
Collins School Dictionary (柯林斯学校词典)
Oxford English Dictionary: Single User Version (CD-ROM)牛津英语词典(光盘)
Design for Lean Six Sigma: A Holistic Approach to Design and Innovation精益六西格玛设计:增长与创新整体研究
Brownian Motion Calculus布朗运动微积分
Was Napoleon Poisoned?: and Other Unsolved Mysteries of Royal History拿破仑中过毒吗?及其它王室史未解之谜
Suzy Gershman's Where to Buy the Best of Everything: The Outspoken Guide for World Travelers and Online Shoppers, 1st Edition最佳购物地点:网上购物与世界旅游者指南,第1版
True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society(学会在后事实社会中生活)
Israel at Sixty: An Oral History of a Nation Reborn(前银行业内人士谈像生意人一样投资的秘诀)
Dictionary of Environmental Science and Technology, 4th Ed.环境科学与技术 词典,第4版
Dinner at Mr. Jefferson's: Three Men, Five Great Wines, and the Evening that Changed America(杰弗逊先生家的晚餐:三人五酒与改变美国之夜)
Heads in the Sand: How the Republicans Screw Up Foreign Policy and Foreign Policy Screws Up the Democrats(驼鸟政策:共和党如何振兴对外政策以及对外政策如何振兴民主党)
Photographing Children Photo Workshop: Develop Your Digital Photography Talent儿童摄影指南
Exposure Photo Workshop: Develop Your Digital Phot
Swiss Annuities and Life Insurance: Secure Returns, Asset Protection, and Privacy瑞士人的养老金和人寿保险:安全的回报,资产保护,以及隐私权
Kellogg On Advertising and MediaKellogg公司的广告宣传与媒体
Swim against the Current: Even a Dead Fish Can Go With the Flow(专利、注册设计、商标和版权)
Precious Metals Investing For Dummies贵金属投资指南
Frommer's Las Vegas Day by Day, 1st EditionFrommer 拉斯维加斯导览,第1版
Modern Cryptanalysis: Techniques for Advanced Code Breaking现代密码分析学:高级密码破译技术
The Executive Guide to Boosting Cash Flow and Shareholder Value: The Profit Pool Approach提高现金流转和股东价值指南:利润池探究
Suzy Gershman's Born to Shop Hong Kong, Shanghai & Beijing(在香港、上海、北京购物非官方指南,第4版)
CompTIA A+ Complete Certification KitCompTIA Network+认证考试必备大全
CompTIA Network+ Certification Kit: Exam N10-003CompTIA Network+认证考试必备大全
Frommer's Honolulu & Oahu Day by DayFrommer美国檀香山与瓦胡岛导览
Frommer's Provence & the Riviera Day by Day, 1st EditionFrommer 法国普罗旺斯与里维埃拉导览
Suzy Gershman's Born to Shop London, 13th Edition(伦敦购物导览,第13版)
Business Etiquette For Dummies, 2nd Edition商业礼仪指南,第2版
At the Crossroads : The Remarkable CPA Firm that Nearly Crashed, then Soared (重振企业:领导者如何改变现状)
Frommer's Portable Portland, 5th EditionFrommer美国波特兰导览,第5版
Frommer's Greece, 6th Edition(Frommer希腊岛屿导览,第5版)
Frommer's Greek Islands, 5th Edition(你在任何地方都学不到的投资技巧)
Frommer's Hong Kong Day by Day, 1st EditionFrommer香港导览,第1版
Frommer's India, 3rd Edition(Frommer印度导览,第3版)
101 Sangrias and Pitcher Drinks101种桑格拉汽酒和大罐饮料
Pre-Calculus For Dummies(预科微积分学)
Essentials of Banking银行业精要
Composing Digital Music For Dummies数字音乐创作指南
The ForeclosureS.com Guide to Advanced Investing Techniques You Won't Learn Anywhere Else你在任何地方都学不到的投资技巧
God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee(女企业家八要素)
Margin Trading from A to Z: A Complete Guide to Borrowing, Investing and Regulation(实用金融最优化:金融师的决策)
Frommer's Europe by Rail, 3rd Edition(Frommer摩洛哥导览,第1版)
Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs女企业家八要素
Australia For Dummies, 1st Edition澳大利亚导览,第1版
Frommer's New Zealand, 5th EditionFrommer新西兰导览,第5版
Frommer's Japanese PhraseFinder & Dictionary, 1st Edition日语成语和字典
Invest Like a Dealmaker: Secrets from a Former Banking Insider前银行业内人士谈像生意人一样投资的秘诀
Business Objects XI Release 2 For DummiesBusinessObjects XI Release 软件2代
MCITP: Microsoft Exchange ServerTM 2007 Messaging Design and Deployment Study Guide: Exams 70-237 and 70-238Mcitp:Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 设计与配置学习指南((70 237 与 70 238)
Frommer's Grand Canyon National Park, 6th EditionFrommer美国大峡谷国家公园导览,第6版
Frommer's Croatia, 2nd EditionFrommer克罗地亚导览,第2版
Frommer's Portugal, 20th EditionFrommer葡萄牙导览,第20版
Frommer's Switzerland, 13th EditionFrommer瑞士导览,第13版
Frommer's Cape Cod, Nantucket & Martha's Vineyard 2008Frommer鳕鱼岬、楠塔基特、马耳他葡萄园旅游指南2008
Frommer's Prague & the Best of the Czech Republic, 7th EditionFrommer布拉格和捷克斯洛伐克之最,第7版
Frommer's Northern Italy, 4th EditionFrommer意大利北部导览,第4版
Frommer's Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks, 6th EditionFrommer黄石与大蒂顿国家公园导览,第6版
极度危机 二十三集… 三碟装(DVD)
Trainwreck: The End of the Conservative Revolution (and Not a Moment Too Soon)(保守主义革命的终结)
Frommer's Morocco, 1st EditionFrommer摩洛哥导览,第1版
Frommer's Exploring America by RV, 5th Edition(Frommer坐休闲车巡游美国,第5版)
Conspiracy Theories & Secret Societies For Dummies(阴谋论与秘密社团)
Intermediate Spanish For Dummies中级西班牙语
Frommer's European Cruises and Ports of Call, 5th EditionFrommer欧洲邮轮游与沿途停靠的港口,第5版
Frommer's Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks, 6th EditionFrommer 美国锡安&布莱斯峡谷国家公园导览,第6版
Buy Gold Now: How a Real Estate Bust, our Bulging National Debt, and the Languishing Dollar Will Push Gold to Record Highs现在购买黄金:房地产萧条、国债膨胀及美元疲软将使金价飙升
Intermediate French For Dummies中等法语
The Best Service is No Service(了解商业会计学,第2版)
Google Apps For Dummies(专业博客六位数收入之密)
German Shepherd Dog: Your Happy Healthy PetTM, with DVD, 2nd Edition德国牧羊犬:快乐健康宠物,附DVD,第2版
Hedge Fund Leadership: How To Inspire Peak Performance from Traders and Money Managers对冲基金的领导层如何激发贸易商与短期资金经营者的最大潜能
Frommer's Moscow & St. Petersburg, 2nd EditionFrommer 莫斯科与圣彼得堡导览,第2版
Frommer's Portable New Orleans, 8th EditionFrommer新奥尔良导览,第8版
Frommer's Vietnam: Including Angkor Wat, 2nd EditionFrommer越南导览(含吴哥),第2版